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Are you creating or organizing a live event, where guest speakers are going to give motivation, impart their knowledge, provide cutting edge techniques or more!

You know as well as anybody that so much information is given and so fast, that there is only so much that the brain can take in effectively in any given time.  Although a full day conference is a great way to impart this knowledge, especially if attendees have to travel for it, are you really doing yourself, your team or the delegates the greatest benefit of just attending and listening?  Will they or you be able to recall all those key points?

So why let all this go?  With a video of the presentations, you and your team can go back again and again to recap this event.  You can have multiple copies made so that each one has their own personal copy to refer to.  

This is where a video can be so valuable and we can even convert it to an MP3 audio format or equivalent so your people can listen to it in the car, on their mobile device and so on.  All this creates an even greater learning and awareness for your team!

Key Benefits

*    You get to go over your conference or convention again and again.  Learn where and what you can improve on

*    Your attendees are able to go back over the material that was given to build on what they learnt

*    You have a product that you can use to promote your business!

*    You have a record with which you can share with those members who couldn't attend whether they were prevented by sickness, location or availability.  


You can be assured that we are there to make the most of your presentation.  We have the right equipment and the editing facilities to take your project to its highest level and give you a product that you will be proud to share with those who attended and those who couldn't.  

Capability 1

Our cameras are set up on dedicated video tripods to give you clean movement and of following the action.  This allows for smooth flowing vision - just like on the big screen!  And you can have a two or three camera presentation created - makes for much easier viewing for your people - it keeps their interest so they learn more!

Capability 2

We have standard microphones as well as radio microphones which allows your presenters to move about to demonstrate with mobility across the front area as well as in the crowd.  The sound we get there is clean and crisp allowing for easy listening.

Capability 3

Our in-house design will finish your product to be a professional finish you will be proud to own.

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