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Video Editing
Duplication & Replication
Film & Video Transfer




In the area of Post Production, we offer Video Editing, video transfers, slide and negative copying and placement into audio-visuals.  You may even have your own project but can't complete it?  With our technology and creative flair, we can complete it for you, or we can carve up some of your old home footage for some other application. 

Video Editing

Here at GWP Video Productions, we have the facilities to edit your project to the professional levels you desire and expect!

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Duplication & Replication

Our in-house duplication services can get your hundreds in no time!  With the ability to print the cover insert, print on label and stocks generally on hand, we can do most things for you, quickly.  We send stuff to be replicated away, where they have the better infrastructure to make these glass mastered discs.


Film & Video Transfer

We can do this too if you need it.



So whatever you are looking for in Video, be assured we can help.  Call now on 0408 596 654 and let's see what we can do for you.



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