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You have to admit.  There is nothing quite like Dances, Concerts or Plays.  They are fun!!

It could be a few months of training, a whole year of training, and for Presentation Nights it could be years of study.  Whichever the case, there is no doubt that skills, talent, time, effort and money has been invested to gain this end.

So with all this in mind, wouldn't it be nice to have this moment in time recorded with a quality video production?  Well we can do this for you. 

Key Benefits:

*    You get to watch it again and again and share it with others who weren't there.    

*    You will be able to use it as an instructional tool

*    You will be able to use is as a developmental tool.

*    People will have this moment in time to have in their history to look back on to remember those wonderful times of yesteryear.



You can be assured that we are there to make the most of this night or day.  We have the right equipment and the editing facilities to take your project to its highest level and give you a product that you will be proud to share with those who attended and those who couldn't.  

Capability 1

Our cameras are set up on dedicated video tripods to give you clean movement and of following the action.  This allows for smooth flowing vision - just like on the big screen!  Even our hand held cameras have stability in them to give you vision that is easy viewing. 

Capability 2

We have standard microphones as well as radio microphones which allows your presenters to move about to demonstrate with mobility across the front area as well as in the crowd.  The sound we get there is clean and crisp allowing for easy listening.  

Capability 3

Our in-house design will finish your product to be a professional finish you will be proud of.

Ask to view a sample or two of what we have done for others.

                            Contact us now on 0408 596 654




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