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It could be the call of the wild.  It could be family history.  It could be part of public history.  It could be an occasion that you want remembered for many reasons.  It could be a celebration.  It could be some piece of machinery that you have restored.  Whatever your idea is, we can help you.


We are well equipped with the equipment to take care of your project.  We have the lenses, and the cameras that will allow us to get the shots for you.  


Audio?  For sure, we have the microphones to get for you clean sound on location, even in those noisy situations - like where machinery is running.


Plus for voice overs, we can arrange for your commentary so your story is told in the manner that tells it how you want.


Then in Post Production we have the editing facilities to give it that polish!


We are also equipped with a 4x4 which allows us to get into many difficult places, so let your imagination run free.  Allow us to create that project you have in mind which may be off the beaten track!  It is equipped with inverter, fridge, and other camping essentials can be thrown in at a moments notice.  Seats four in comfort and being diesel, allows us entry to places where petrol is prohibited!


With over 65 documentaries up our sleeve, we have the experience.


With your project idea, you may even be able to attract Government funding which will take it to a higher level again.  Your idea might be something that is found to be very community valued.  Give it a go.  Speak to you local member.


But above all, call now on 0408 596 654 to discuss your ideas further. 

We would love to hear from you.

















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