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A Life Celebration video is about recording the celebration  of the life that was given to this person.

A Life Celebration video can be done when someone is alive, or as a memento of their funeral.

A Life Celebration video of someone when they are alive allows them to partake in the celebration and they too are able to contribute to the information that is imparted.

With a Life Celebration video of someone who has departed is a way of remembering them and their achievements.  And so often the information that is imparted during this day is information that many times is the first time that this information has come to light.

It really is a wonderful way to remember someone that is close to you and this special occasion and the history that is a part of your family.

Your Choices

*    Can be inclusive of the main service, graveside or both

*    Three copies are provided for you in their own library case with a copy of the Order of Service but more are available for order if you choose

*    The coverage shows you the guests that attended on this day.

*    We cover this as though we are a guest and those who view it later will feel as though they attended in person.  We feel this importance.

The Benefits:

*    Those who were unable to attend can share in this time

*    You will be able to share the words that were said with your family members in years to come.  It is a part of your legacy that you will have to share.

*    Much of what was said on the day you maybe wont remember or may not even have heard with all the emotions that we in progress this day.

*    You have some very important information locked away forever.

Call 0408 596 654 to arrange for yours today.

Samples are available at the studio to view.  With respect, we do not show samples here of Life Celebration videos.



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